"Get to know us"


Smart Fiber AG company profile, technology and product overview



PDF, 460kB


Smart Fiber AG, "Discover the World of intelligent Fibers"


PDF power point presentation with detailed product

and technology overview.


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"The secret of natural freshness"


Overview and technical data of smartcelTM Sensitive in textiles.



PDF, 2.5 MB

Oekotex Sensitive

Oekotex Class 1 certificate for smartcelTM Sensitive


1 page document


PDF, 510 kB

Test Sensitive

Test Report for antibacterial properties, smartcelTM Sensitive


Test report of the University of Jena, confirming antibacterial properties for smartcelTM Sensitiveconducted according to the international standard JIS -L 1902:2002


PDF, 176 kB



"The power of Seaweed in a fiber"


SeaCell® information brochure


PDF, 2 MByte

Seacell pure

SeaCell® pure datasheet


Flyer for SeaCell® pure


PDF, 210kByte

Oekotex Pure

Oekotex certificate for SeaCell® pure



One page certificate


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