Smart Fabrics and Gear


Nanonic, Inc. was founded by a group of outdoor enthusiastic entrepreneurs and veterans as a Florida corporation in 2006.



Our mission: To provide advanced, functional fibers and textiles with highest quality and performance for outdoor, expedition grade applications and for law enforcement personnel.


Today there are many new textile fibers available. Nanonic focussed from the beginning on natural fibers made from sustainable resources, including recycled products. After studying the market of available fibers, we found SmSmart Fiberart Fiber AG, a German start up which is manufacturing several functional fibers based on the Lyocell process. Lyocell fibers are cellulosic fibers made from wood pulp using an environmental friendly process. Nanonic signed a distribution agreement with Smart Fiber AG end of 2006 and started distribution of the smartcelTM functional fibers in the USA and Canada.


Nanonic Inc. operates in the markets of North America. Since 2007 we are in the process in developing a network of partners including spinner, knitter and non-wovens in cooporation with Smart Fiber AG to support the introduction of smartcelTM in North America.


SFgearNanonic started its own brand of high performance textiles under the trademark SFgear™ in 2007. From its inception SFgear garments were focussing on and designed for the special needs of law enforcement officers, based on the experience and ideas of some of the founders of Nanonic, Inc.


Under the SFgear brand we are constantly striving for creating and improving apparel for highest performance in outdoor, law enforcement and extreme sport applications. To achieve this goal we are designing special yarn blends based on functional fibers like smartcelTM.


EagleNew fiber materials are paving the way for design innovations and new applications. They are instrumental in meeting the ever increasing demand of today's consumers and professionals.